8 Best Construction CRM Software for Contractors in 2023

Effective project management is essential for success in the quick-paced world of construction. To organize your tasks, keep track of contacts, and monitor progress as a contractor, you need a solid tool. Construction customer relationship management (CRM) software can help with this. Your projects can be efficiently organized, client interactions can be enhanced, and productivity can be increased with the right CRM software. The eight top construction CRM software options for contractors are covered in this article.

CRM Software for Contractors

1. BuilderTrend

BuilderTrend is a feature-rich Construction CRM application created especially for contractors. It provides a wide range of features, such as tools for customer communication, lead tracking, document sharing, and project management. You can easily make project schedules, keep track of expenses, and collaborate with your team in real time using BuilderTrend. To ensure smooth data transfer between systems, the software also integrates with other well-known tools like QuickBooks.

2. Procore

Thousands of contractors around the world rely on Procore, a cloud-based construction CRM software. It offers a centralized platform for managing building projects from the beginning of project planning to project completion. You can track the status of projects and manage documents effectively with Procore. Additionally, the software has strong reporting features that let you examine project data and come to wise decisions.

3. CoConstruct

CoConstruct is an intuitive Construction CRM system that meets the particular requirements of remodelers and custom home builders. It provides tools for client communication as well as features like project scheduling and budgeting. The financial management aspect of your projects is made easier by CoConstruct’s integration with well-known accounting software. The software also enables you to make thorough project estimates and generate polished client proposals.

4. PlanGrid

Powerful Construction CRM software with a focus on field collaboration is PlanGrid. It emphasizes streamlining interactions among owners, architects, and contractors. Physical blueprints are no longer necessary thanks to PlanGrid, which allows you to access project plans, documents, and drawings from anywhere. Real-time collaboration and issue tracking are also made possible by the software, ensuring effective project stakeholder coordination.

5. Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate

A complete CRM software solution for the construction industry, Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate provides strong project management capabilities. Estimating, job costing, document management, and accounting integration are some of the features it offers. Contractors managing complicated construction projects and multiple job sites are especially well-suited for Sage 300. You can track project finances, progress, and completion dates with the aid of the software.

6. JobNimbus

Project management, customer relationship management, and team collaboration tools are all combined in JobNimbus, a flexible Construction CRM software. It has functions like lead tracking, task management, and document sharing. To ensure consistency across all of your projects, JobNimbus lets you create customizable project templates. Your workflow efficiency will be increased by the software’s integration with well-known productivity tools like Outlook and Google Calendar.


The cloud-based construction CRM software PASKR is designed to make the estimating and bidding processes more efficient. This feature set includes things like project tracking, contract management, and bid management. You can create expert bid proposals with PASKR, track project costs, and keep an eye on project progress in real-time. To analyze project data and make data-driven decisions, the software also offers reporting tools.

8. CMiC

To efficiently manage difficult construction projects, CMiC provides a full suite of tools. You can manage everything, from project planning to financial management, on its integrated platform. Real-time collaboration is made possible by CMiC, allowing team members to effectively share information, monitor progress, and communicate. You can get useful insights into the efficiency and profitability of a project from the software’s advanced analytics and reporting features.


To effectively manage their projects, enhance productivity, and improve communication, contractors must choose the right construction CRM software. The eight options mentioned in this article—BuilderTrend, Procore, CoConstruct, PlanGrid, Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, JobNimbus, PASKR, and CMiC—are all dependable options that can be customized to meet specific project needs. Consider the features available, assess your unique requirements, and choose the software that best suits your objectives and work processes. You can improve collaboration, streamline your processes, and succeed in the construction industry with the right CRM software.